Why Fire Pro Wrestling World is the King

Back in the nineties, wrestling games on console were king. From the early players like WWF Wrestlemania on the NES, all the way through to WCW Nitro on the PlayStation, we were treated to a slew of great grappling games that allowed us to have a little part of the spectacle of the ballet that […]

The Fathers of Video Games

The Immigrant In a municipality in the Palatinate Forest, a child was born that would shape the way we perceive entertainment forever. The place is Rodalben, with no more than a few thousand people that call it home, the town is deep in the heart of German wine country, the Wine Route, starting in France […]

Destiny 2: An Impression

The City has fallen and the Light of the Traveler has gone, Ghaul, commander of the feared Red Legion has sent the Guardians into the grave, with the remainder thrown to the wind, night has fallen. You, the only Guardian to be able to revive their Light, has been given the task to lead the […]

Journey’s End

In 2012 thatgamecompany released a little indie title called Journey on the PS3. The title was a hit and went on to win numerous awards and has been hailed as one of the greatest games of all time. Despite its short length (the game can be completed in under two hours) there are many secrets to […]