Street Fighter III is the Game the Nintendo Switch Needs!

When Nintendo and Capcom first announced a final version of Street Fighter II was coming the Switch, I couldn’t have been more excited. Like a lot of people, I had spent a lost number of hours in front of my SNES playing this classic. I’d spent many hours behind an arcade stick playing it, too! That’s how much I was into Street Fighter. So it was great news for me! One more game for my current favourite gaming system added and I’d be able to play Street Fighter II on the go. Even better than that, I’d be able to switch between old school sprites and new at the click of a button.
Yet there was something bothering me about this adaptation. It was the game I had played twenty-five years before, a game I had loved and still play to this day. So what was my problem.

It’s the price. £35 ($60) for a game that’s old and has been regurgitated on every system since then. My adult mind kicked in and I couldn’t justify it. How could I justify it? It was just a fluff job of an old game. So I cancelled my order. Don’t get me wrong, I plan to buy this game when it lowers in price, but for me it’s nothing new.

Then nostalgia got the better of me and I started playing some of my old time favs on the PC. Reminiscing with myself over how simpler games were back then. An ageless time where graphics still stand up today and don’t look cheap and dated because technology has moved on. It was when I got to Street Fighter III on my little tour of  memory lane that it hit me: this was the game meant for the Switch.

Even by today’s standards, the animation in Street Fighter III is stunning. It runs like a cartoon – a very tightly drawn cartoon. The gameplay is just as immersive as it’s predecessors, but it’s the little touches when a fighter moves from one move to the next, there’s flow, there’s rhythm, it’s a beautiful game to play and enjoy, and I think that’s why it should have become the choice for the Switch! Not II, it doesn’t need to be dredged up again. I honestly believe it’s only been marketed for nostalgia’s sake (Again, I will be buying it). SFIII was a chance for Capcom to put out a game that didn’t get quite the love it deserved the first time round. Of course it was following in the shadow of a fighting giant, but that’s no reason why it shouldn’t be resurrected.

Imagine a HD remastering of Street Fighter III. The beautiful hand-drawn sprites – running at 1080p and 60fps. I would be in love. Instead we’ve got sprite swaps for a game that was a classic twenty-five years ago.

I’m itching to go and throw down against people on II, but I can’t help but wonder just how well III would have run on the Switch. It would have been beautiful… it would have been old, but very new as well.


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