Brothers (and Sisters) in Arms

I’m not one for writing reviews. I actually don’t like it when people rate things out of so many stars, or you should buy this because of… or whatever. So I’m going to try and just keep this on my thoughts about the game.

Now, I haven’t tried online mode yet as I got my copy early and the system wasn’t up. Well, not officially, so all I’ve enjoyed so far is the Grand Prix mode. A single player campaign against the other fighters in Arms. You can select your difficulty level, your fighter, and then you’re dumped into your first fight.

The game has ten competitors, all varied enough to be different. And with them come ten different stages. All of which have unique properties as well. The game is well thought out that way. I was hesitant to buy this game at first, dismissing it as another Wii Sports boxing.

How wrong I was.

The first thing you will be drilled through is the quick tutorial. You can either play traditional gamepad mode or with the joycons. I’ve tried both and they play equally as well. Then you’re into your first fight.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a button-basher. There’s a lot of nuance here. You need to think technique or you’re going to come away defeated very quickly. The AI is pretty good! Even on difficulty level of 5 it was still throwing attack patterns to set me off, and when I thought I had its fighting style down it would shift.

The ability to equip different arms between rounds is great, the possibilities that more could be added in the future could be great.

So what have we got on our hands here? Well, it’s unique. It’s not a new Punch-Out, and it’s not a traditional fighting game. It’s something new with a Nintendo polish. And boy do Nintendo know how to polish a game.

The game pops and sizzles on the Switch. The colours are gorgeous and everything has this frenetic energy along with an upbeat soundtrack to keep you drawn into the world of Arms. 

I did think that only having ten characters was a bit limited, but none of them are the same whatsoever. You get a different fighter and with the options of different arms it’s a great selection.

As to how long this game will keep me entertained? Well, I would say it’s single player is limited, but if you’re a fan of online fighting games then it’s a good investment. I can see it being a future E-sport, and an entertaining one to watch at that.

So if you’re a fighting fan and own a Switch, it’s a no-brainer. Arms is different enough to keep me interested, and this really is a game I bought on a whim. It was actually a purchase because I wanted to support the format, but I think it’s worth every penny.

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