Super Mario Exorcism!

So E3 has now come and gone. But one thing has left me bugged – Super Mario Odyssey. From what we’ve seen Mario, using a weird sentient cap called Cappy, has the ability to enter another being’s body and control them.

Sounds messed up, right?

Not only that, but we’ve now got to question where Mario is? He goes to a place called New Donk City and… he’s walking and talking among the regular-sized people. I mean just who is this and what is this place? I was always under the impression Mario came from good old New York, and now I’ve had this dumped on me?!?!

Back to the possession point. So Mario can inhabit and control the bodies of others. So is this a Being John Malkovich-type of job? Is he the puppet master who pulls the strings? Is he just nudging them in the direction he wants to go? Maybe he’s pulled a Quantum Leap and there’s a goomba in the waiting room back at the Mushroom Castle waiting to switch back (I pick Toad as Gushie).

A Goomba waits patiently to be switched back with Mario

So Mario now possesses the ability to enter others and control them. There are so many wrong places that could go right now. Not only that, he can seemingly revert back to his 8-bit form.

The real question is though, is Mario a villain we’re not aware of? Is he the man who knocks?

I’ve always had issues with Mario meddling in the affairs of the Mushroom Kingdom. An outsider from another world messing around in the politics of another land, but now he’s possessing people and straight up murdering their friends.

Someone break out the holy water.

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