Destiny 2: An Impression

Yesterday saw the early Access launch of Destiny 2, the new title from Bungie (makers of the original Halo trilogy) and sequel to 2014’s FPS/Diet MMO – Destiny. Whilst a sequel has been hotly anticipated by the diehard fans who embraced the original game and its installment DLC with open arms, a lot of people have held out hope that Destiny 2 would address many of the problems players had with the first game.

Namely – Will it be on PC?

In short – yes. Destiny 2 is heading to PC in the autumn and will be using instead of the usual Steam route. An unusual tactic, but I imagine it’s a deal that’s profitable for both sides with the expected takeup that the game will likely bring in when it makes its PC debut.

Anyway, back to the beta in question. Bungie have given us a story mission, a strike and the Crucible. Enough to give us a sweet taster of the game and get our all-important preorder monies for when the game hits consoles in late September.

Starting straight off, the story dumps you in the peacetime of the Guardians on Earth. All seems dandy until the Red Legion,  turn up and manage to penetrate the defences over the Last City on Earth. Not only that, but these elite Cabal troops manage to take down the Traveler by attaching what can only be described as a brace to its outer shell. What follows is a race through the burning Last City, fighting your way out as humans try and evacuate the only home they have.

Sounds good, right? Well it’s a start. I enjoyed the first game, but it was only when additional content was added that increased my enjoyment of it. When I finished the first standalone Destiny I was gobsmacked at how short it was. Playtime came in a little under four hours (that’s a 10 on the EPH (Entertainment Per Hour) scale, which is hardly great, but then Destiny has always been more about the multiplayer than just a single player story. I’ll fully admit I’ve spent countless hours playing the original missions or random strikes over and over with my wingman @mikethebassist (give him a follow, he’s a real good guy) so I’m fully aware of what to expect from the second instalment in the franchise.

The story mission is an excellent teaser to draw a returning player in. I’m curious to see how the game pans out now the Light of the Traveler has been extinguished, and whilst there were a few cutscenes (if you enjoy cutscenes in games) I saw little in the way of new game mechanics to warrant a release of a separate standalone title. I’m not even sure if Destiny 2 is running on a new engine, it sure looks almost identical to the original so perhaps all they’ve done is tweak it to be able to work better. I hope this will allow for a lot more content. I’m hesitant to buy the game at launch as I don’t want to invest in the franchise again to then be left constantly waiting for content. Nor do I want half a game delivered to me and then expected to shell out £20 to play a couple more hours. I need a full game experience from the get-go. I want to feel satisfied at the end of the Destiny 2 experience and not be expected to get my kicks in the Crucible, we’re not all multiplayer PvP heads out there. I use Destiny as a way of relaxing and playing something easy with my friends. It’s the modern day version of going to play golf – you spend a few hours at it, shoot the shit over VOIP and just have a good time. The single player mission I got to experience didn’t make me want to rush out and purchase it immediately. It made me interested, but that was about it, so colour me cautious on this one and I think I’m going to leave it to others to see what the title is like before I hand over my hard-earned money for a content-lite product. These fingers just have too many burn marks on them.

So what can I take away from the beta? Well, it’s Destiny with a polish. I wouldn’t call it Destiny 2.0, it’s more like Destiny 1.5 from what I got to play. It felt like DLC, and that could go either way – yes I want to play what I did with the original game, but it’s the price that puts me off. If I’m wrong and the single-player missions clock in at 8 hours plus, then I’ll be happy. But if it’s another desert of content then I think I may give it a pass and wait for the full content pack in a couple of years time. It’s just too early to say for me to go either way.

TLDR: Looks too much like the original for me to blindly lay down money for minimal content again. 

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