Nintendo Switch Firmware 6.0.0

Hot off the presses (AKA Reddit and other sources) Nintendo has uploaded the latest version of Switch firmware to their servers ready for deployment. There’s not much news on what’s included, but there are some interesting little details as outlined by user OatmealDome on Reddit. Take these with a pinch of salt but they include as follows:

  • Nintendo Switch Online support (slogan rumoured to be: More Games. More Features. More Fun)
  • Save data backup (cloud saves)
  • New icons: 2x Toad, 2x Toadette, 1x Wingo, 1x Draggadon
  • New controller icons: Famicom, NES, SNES.

Take all of these with caution as nothing is official yet. The part that interests me are the new icons… possibly indicating that emulation is coming to the Switch in the form of their new online service. Whilst it’s confirmed that Nintendo is releasing twenty classic games with the launch of online (with online functionality), we’ve not heard anything past the NES games being available.

If you want to read the source yourself then follow the link below

Be sure to tell them we sent you 🙂

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