8bitdo Gamepad Review

There are a lot of peripherals that are coming to market designed for the Nintendo Switch, however, so far there is little in the way of any real competition for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

The official controller, designed much like an Xbox controller, has been with the console since day one, and it is a worthy, if somewhat pricey piece of kit for any Nintendo or Switch enthusiast.

This controller retails at around £59.99, dependant on where purchased, but there is now an alternative to the Pro Controller, and this comes in the form of a nifty little retro controller.

Imagine if Nintendo had released the SNES today as a console with all the innovation and changes controllers have seen over the years, and you would be presented with the 8bitdo Gamepad. It comes in two distinct colours to match the release of the original consoles: Famicom (SF30) and the SNES (SN30). Besides the snazzy colour scheme, the SN30 recreates the infamous inverted buttons of the NTSC version of the console’s original controller. It supports X-input, D-input, Mac mode, and suitable for the Nintendo Switch. whilst we’re at it, it’s compatible with Windows, Android, MacOS, Steam, and Switch. Quite the wide selection.

That’s where you think it would end, right? I mean this controller is almost half the price of the official controller, but no, that’s not where it stops. It supports Bluetooth 4.0 and a USB-C connection, and with a six-axis sensor and vibrational functionality, this packs all the bells and whistles the Pro controller does and then some.

But we’re not here to just tell you and sell you the controller, sure it’s good, sure it’s like a modern-day version of the SNES controller, no, that’s not what’s best about the controller. It’s how damn compatible it is.

With a press of a button, I can sync with the Switch, play a game, and then turn it off. Then with another button combination I can seamlessly switch to gaming with it on a PC. Now, I know what you’re thinking, this controller isn’t suitable for the games of modern consoles and PCs, but what’s where you would be dead wrong. I use this to play Street Fighter V, Hellblade, Alien Isolation, WWE 2K18, you pull it on a list, this controller can handle it. It’s the one controller to rule them all.

On top of all that compatibility, if you’re using this with Steam it runs like an absolute dream. It maps itself as an X-input controller, and behaves just like you’re handling a native Xbox controller, with the added bonus that the battery life is great.

The one niggle I have with the controller, and it doesn’t affect me, but because of its size it may be too small for some hands, but I have Trump-size hands so it’s perfect for me. If it was compatible with Xbox and PS4 this really would be the ultimate controller. I can’t recommend it enough.

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