A Winner is You! 32 Years Later and Pro Wrestling is Still a Pro!

A winner is you! The sarcastic meme used to belittle or deride a faceless online adversary in some flame war. It’s still used to this day, and rightly so, for the game this meme originates from is just as relevant as it was 32 years ago.

The Champ is Here

So what makes a wrestling game old still so relevant?

To give a little bit of background how this game came to be featured in our little rummage in the Dump, I had not played this game in well over 25 years. I’d forgotten it existed until recently when on a podcast we listed the best wrestling games ever made. This one came in at number five, but that was my last little saunter down memory lane and I left it there.

Fast forward to this year and Nintendo’s announcement about the Switch Online experience. Lo and behold what’s one of the first games waiting on offer? None other than Pro Wrestling.

So up the game was fired, and quite rightly so and back between the ropes we were. Straight back into the fray to fight for the VWA championship. The game is as addictive as ever. Although there are better offerings out there, Fire Pro Wrestling World is as a masterpiece, and if you want to recreate the razzmatazz of WWE, 2K19 will fit the bill nicely. There’s just something about the playability and detail Pro Wrestling that is amazing. For a game to be this addictive, so long after its release, it means developer Masato Masuda has coded a perfect balance of gameplay and action.

The game needs to be commended for how well it captures the once-noble sport of wrestling in 8-bit form. Yes, you won’t find ultra realism here, but you will find a formula that keeps each match interesting and challenging. Make too many mistakes and you’ll be punished by your opponent. Take it too easy on them and you might find your opponent hits you with their signature move and you’re outta there.

Pro Wrestling is in-depth, especially considering the time period it comes from. The game not only has a ranking system, you’re expected to defend the title as well, before the final showdown against the king of kings, Great Puma. This doesn’t sound impressive by today’s standards, but if you consider how old this game is then I think it has a right to be impressive.

For any fan of wrestling games, retro games, or fancies playing one of the best games that was on the NES system then you can’t go wrong grappling with this one.

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