Disc-free Xbox One on the Horizon

Tech website Thurrott has released a report that Microsoft is working on a disc-less Xbox One for release in 2019.

The system, which will reportedly also include a disc-to-digital programme to allow gamers to transfer their physical games into a digital version of the game, will also be rolled out next to the new console.

Microsoft is making the move to reduce the manufacturing costs of the console, perhaps as a move to get a larger install base in the home console market.

Although a digital-only console has been attempted before, they have always been met with trepidation from retailers as it makes the brick and mortar gaming stores redundant in the retail process.

Valve’s own attempt to enter the digital-only console market also fell flat when they made a similar attempt a few years ago with their Steam Machines. How Microsoft will overcome the barrier of console gamers still preferring physical copies of games remains to be seen.

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