Metroid Prime 4 Canned

Fan-favourite series, Metroid Prime sequel, Metroid Prime 4, slated for release on the Nintendo Switch has been cancelled.

The game, being developed by Nintendo, has been taken back to the drawing board, announced by Nintendo Head of Development, Shinya Takahashi, when it did not meet the high standard Nintendo expect from the titles.

Whilst the announcement is disappointing, Nintendo and series fans can take solace in the second announcement that Retro Studios, the US-based company responsible for the original trilogy released on the Nintendo Wii.

No details have been given on the release date, or where the original game was in the development process, but the bittersweet announcement does mean the series is back home with a company that understands the games and the philosophy behind the series.

This may put the release date of the game back by at least two years, it does mean fans will get a game that will feel like the Metroid Prime series.

So far, fan reaction has been positive, with many on Twitter supporting the company’s decision.

The big question, is will Nintendo release a remastered HD version of the original trilogy to satiate fans whilst they wait for the new title to be released.

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