Nintendo Switch 2 Isn’t Happening

Nintendo President, Shuntaro Furukawa, has confirmed that the company is not working on an update to the Nintendo Switch. The handheld system has been praised for its versatility and game selection, and recently beat back rivals Sony and Xbox in the war for Christmas supremacy.

However, fans have been clamouring for an update to the console, believing Nintendo will increase the horsepower under the bonnet, or add new features to the system. A thought that has increased over the last few months, with many users reportedly holding back on purchasing one of the systems with the hope a newer version will be released.

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Furukawa-san confirmed to Japanese website, that the company is focussing on sales of the current hardware with plans to hit an annual sales target of 20 million units.

“The target is high but achievable. We will keep to the target. The main focus of sales right now is the Switch. So far, we haven’t thought about a successor model or offering price cuts.”

Rather charmingly though, in the same interview, Furukawa-san said Nintendo was a company dedicated with a mission to make a smile. Which is nice.


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