PlayStation Remote Play iOS App

You know how it is, your favourite gaming company gives you the option to play your favorite console remotely, but then they discontinue their handheld you could use and you’re left with nothing. You really want to do a few levels whilst the TV is occupied but you just can’t…

Until now. PlayStation is now offering the ability to stream straight from the PS4 onto your iPad or iPhone, and whilst this isn’t new in itself, after all, the option has been on the Vita and Sony Xperia phones for quite some time, but this is the first time we’ve got an official release of an app outside of Sony hardware.

So, how does it hold up? Well, to give you context, this is being played on an iPad Pro 12.9 using the onscreen virtual controller. Games played so far are Marvel’s Spider-Man, The Last of Us, and UFC 3. For the most part the games hold up pretty well. It’s restricted to WiFi network with the option of streaming at 720p, Without a controller you’re stuck with the virtual onscreen one, and it’s this that Sony does pretty well.

Play it in portrait mode and the controller configures to the bottom of the screen, turn it landscape and you get a controller overlaid on the game being streamed. Both take some getting used to, but are more than playable.

As you can see from the image above, it has to be played in a slightly different way. Sony are yet to add the option to allow a DualShock 4 to be connected, but I imagine this is only a matter of time before this is possible.

With these limitations aside, for a first entry in the remote streaming app world, Sony’s done a pretty decent experience bringing the PlayStation experience to the iOS ecosystem, with this solid start, they can only improve and grow.

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