Micro-transactions in the Single-player World

With the recent announcement from Monolith Studios that the upcoming Middle-earth: Shadow of War would feature micro-transactions for the single-player campaign, are we seeing the start of a forced trend? Undoubtedly such a decision has come from Warner Bros. rather than the developers themselves. Warner Bros. showed notorious greed and apathy towards a botched launch of […]

What I Want to see from Left 4 Dead 3

Left 4 Dead was an amazing game when it was released. Developed by Valve South and released on Steam, the game would go on to win numerous awards and critical praise for its depiction of a zombie apocalypse with four survivors fighting to reach a safe haven. The game was incredible. Mixing a first-person shooter […]

Episodic Gaming and is it the Devil’s Work? 

The digital revolution in gaming has given rise to many new aspects when it comes to purchases – micro transactions, DLC, bug fixes, you name it, any game can now be altered thanks to additional code and assets being delivered via the internet. However, there’s one aspect of this world that wouldn’t be able to […]

The First Quarter for the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch, once known as the NX during the prototype stage, has been announced as having surpassed the 3DS and the Wii U in terms of sales for its initial opening quarter. In fact the hybrid console is so popular Nintendo are struggling to keep stores in stock – surely a good sign for […]

Destiny 2: An Impression

Yesterday saw the early Access launch of Destiny 2, the new title from Bungie (makers of the original Halo trilogy) and sequel to 2014’s FPS/Diet MMO – Destiny. Whilst a sequel has been hotly anticipated by the diehard fans who embraced the original game and its installment DLC with open arms, a lot of people have […]

Back in Time to: The Battle of Olympus

Before Kratos stalked Hellenistic Greece in the God of War franchise there was a little game called The Battle of Olympus. Developed by Infinity Games, it was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988 (Japan), before making its way to the United States in 1989 and Europe in 1991.  The game was a side-scroller, many […]