Why we Love Post-Apocalyptic Games…

There’s something fascinating about the idea of after-civilisation has fallen, the very thought that all we have worked hard for has ended up on the scrap-heap should be so terrifying that we, as people, wouldn’t even want to contemplate the idea, let alone make entertainment out of it.  This isn’t the case.  The word ‘apocalypse’ […]

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No Man’s Sky: The Return

Almost a year ago the gaming world was in a frenzy about an upcoming game from a little studio that looked to be game-changing. That game was No Man’s Sky, and that developer was Surrey-based Hello Games. With a massive push from Sony, who had the console-exclusive rights to the game, No Man’s Sky gained more […]

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Do We Need God of War 4?

The God of War games are a tale as old as the time period they take place in – it’s a story about blood and revenge. An antihero as flawed as Kratos, the series’ protagonist is, there is very little redemption that occurs throughout the entire saga. Kratos is a captain of the Spartan army, […]

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Super Mario Exorcism!

So E3 has now come and gone. But one thing has left me bugged – Super Mario Odyssey. From what we’ve seen Mario, using a weird sentient cap called Cappy, has the ability to enter another being’s body and control them. Sounds messed up, right? Not only that, but we’ve now got to question where Mario […]

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