Batman Damned Good

"It's about a fall"The Joker is dead. A body has been pulled from the river, and Batman is bleeding out in the back of an ambulance, suffering from massive head trauma. This is not your usual Batman, this is Black Label Batman. In the inaugural issue of the brand-new imprint from DC Comics, one of... Continue Reading →


Episodic Gaming and is it the Devil’s Work? 

The digital revolution in gaming has given rise to many new aspects when it comes to purchases - micro transactions, DLC, bug fixes, you name it, any game can now be altered thanks to additional code and assets being delivered via the internet. However, there's one aspect of this world that wouldn't be able to... Continue Reading →

Arkham: A Retrospect

Arkham Asylum has long been a part of the Batman lore. It is the notorious hospital for the criminally insane where Batman will lock up those he crosses paths with to prevent them inflicting their sick and diseased minds of the good citizens of Gotham. Of course, as any bat-fan knows, it is also very... Continue Reading →

The Meaning Behind a Superhero Costume

Any time we think of superheroes we think of the costume. Quite often it is the most important aspect of a character, certainly in the genre of the superhero the costume is king. From the very beginnings of the crime-fighter costumes of the Shadow and the Phantom, to the high-tech suits of the modern movie... Continue Reading →

Why Injustice 2 is a Storytelling Masterpiece

Fighting games used to be notorious for their lack of a true story behind the reason why such a tournament was taking place. Even the better narratives of the different franchises, Tekken, for example were still held together by shoestring premises. Even Mortal Kombat in its early days, a series I hold in high esteem due... Continue Reading →

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