8bitdo Gamepad Review

There are a lot of peripherals that are coming to market designed for the Nintendo Switch, however, so far there is little in the way of any real competition for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. The official controller, designed much like an Xbox controller, has been with the console since day one, and it is... Continue Reading →


Telltale’s Batman is One of the Modern Great Batman Stories

Batman is a character that has been with us for nearly eighty years. He has appeared in every format of media possible, from comic books, to novels, to TV series, to video games and movies, he is one of pop culture's most enduring creations. Versatile doesn't even begin to describe the vast array of stories... Continue Reading →

The Meaning Behind a Superhero Costume

Any time we think of superheroes we think of the costume. Quite often it is the most important aspect of a character, certainly in the genre of the superhero the costume is king. From the very beginnings of the crime-fighter costumes of the Shadow and the Phantom, to the high-tech suits of the modern movie... Continue Reading →

Why Injustice 2 is a Storytelling Masterpiece

Fighting games used to be notorious for their lack of a true story behind the reason why such a tournament was taking place. Even the better narratives of the different franchises, Tekken, for example were still held together by shoestring premises. Even Mortal KombatĀ in its early days, a series I hold in high esteem due... Continue Reading →

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