Blade Runner 1997

Late in the 20th Century, WARNER BROS advanced movies into the next phase -- a film with a unique title -- known as BLADE RUNNER. Blade Runner was a superior in cinematics, score, acting, and at least equal in storyline, to the book that inspired the film. Blade Runner was used as a landmark film,... Continue Reading →


GOG Gives Good Sales!

GoG, well-known for being the DRM-free company owned by CD Projekt, are currently running a fantastic Back to School sale with treats galore for those in need of a gaming fix. The site, whilst having some fixed sale items, is also running an ever-changing roster of games that switch in their discount every hour. Yooka-Laylee,... Continue Reading →

8bitdo Gamepad Review

There are a lot of peripherals that are coming to market designed for the Nintendo Switch, however, so far there is little in the way of any real competition for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. The official controller, designed much like an Xbox controller, has been with the console since day one, and it is... Continue Reading →

Star Wars Battlefront II Update

It looks like the folks over at EA have been hard at work with new content in Star Wars: Battlefront II. Like or loathe the game, there's no denying that it's caused some controversy and made headlines. However, in recent months the good people of DICE have worked their socks off trying to reverse that... Continue Reading →

Destiny 2: An Impression

The City has fallen and the Light of the Traveler has gone, Ghaul, commander of the feared Red Legion has sent the Guardians into the grave, with the remainder thrown to the wind, night has fallen. You, the only Guardian to be able to revive their Light, has been given the task to lead the... Continue Reading →

What I Want to see from Left 4 Dead 3

Left 4 Dead was an amazing game when it was released. Developed by Valve South and released on Steam, the game would go on to win numerous awards and critical praise for its depiction of a zombie apocalypse with four survivors fighting to reach a safe haven. The game was incredible. Mixing a first-person shooter... Continue Reading →

No Man’s Sky: The Return

Almost a year ago the gaming world was in a frenzy about an upcoming game from a little studio that looked to be game-changing. That game was No Man's Sky, and that developer was Surrey-based Hello Games. With a massive push from Sony, who had the console-exclusive rights to the game, No Man's Sky¬†gained more... Continue Reading →

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