Nintendo Switch Firmware 6.0.0

Hot off the presses (AKA Reddit and other sources) Nintendo has uploaded the latest version of Switch firmware to their servers ready for deployment. There's not much news on what's included, but there are some interesting little details as outlined by user OatmealDome on Reddit. Take these with a pinch of salt but they include... Continue Reading →


Pilotwings (1990)

Introduction If you were told that a launch title for a brand new console was going to be a flight simulator, you’d probably laugh. Flight simulators have always had that niche placement in the gaming world. Sure, you could class them as a game, but their drive for accuracy separates them above and apart from... Continue Reading →

Back in Time to: The Battle of Olympus

Before Kratos stalked Hellenistic Greece in the God of War franchise there was a little game called The Battle of Olympus. Developed by Infinity Games, it was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988 (Japan), before making its way to the United States in 1989 and Europe in 1991. The game was a side-scroller, many... Continue Reading →

Brothers (and Sisters) in Arms

I'm not one for writing reviews. I actually don't like it when people rate things out of so many stars, or you should buy this because of... or whatever. So I'm going to try and just keep this on my thoughts about the game. Now, I haven't tried online mode yet as I got my... Continue Reading →

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