One Console to Rule Them All The Polymega console has finally launched, with the addition of now containing Sega Saturn support, too. For those not in the know, the Polymega is the brainchild of California-based company Playmaji and uses Hybrid Emulation and what they describe as a modular retro gaming console to emulate Sega Saturn, PlayStation, Neo Geo CD, TurboGrafx-CD,... Continue Reading →


Star Fox (1993)

IntroductionA fox, a frog, a bird, a rabbit. A planet of good. A planet of evil. Star-fighters, interstellar war, betrayal and evil scientists. A tale of heroism in the face of eternal tragedy. All of these things combined together in 1993 with the most unusual, but imaginative, rail-shooter imaginable. That game that launched in 1993... Continue Reading →

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