Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Footage

Before we get started watch this and then come back to me: Okay... done? Good. Now shall we begin? Cyberpunk 2077 is upon us. Well, not exactly, but a good chunk of footage is and that's almost as good as the game dropping into our laps. We were treated to forty-eight minutes to be... Continue Reading →


WWE 2K18 – Wrestling with Frustration

Let's start out by stating this article is in no way an attack on WWE 2K18 or the series from Yukes. 2K18 is a wonderful game... but with a few massive flaws that take away from the enjoyment of the game as a whole. So-much-so that I've already thrown in the towel with it after putting... Continue Reading →

Micro-transactions in the Single-player World

With the recent announcement from Monolith Studios that the upcoming Middle-earth: Shadow of War would feature micro-transactions for the single-player campaign, are we seeing the start of a forced trend? Undoubtedly such a decision has come from Warner Bros. rather than the developers themselves. Warner Bros. showed notorious greed and apathy towards a botched launch of... Continue Reading →

What I Want to see from Left 4 Dead 3

Left 4 Dead was an amazing game when it was released. Developed by Valve South and released on Steam, the game would go on to win numerous awards and critical praise for its depiction of a zombie apocalypse with four survivors fighting to reach a safe haven. The game was incredible. Mixing a first-person shooter... Continue Reading →

Why we Love Post-Apocalyptic Games…

There's something fascinating about the idea of after-civilisation has fallen, the very thought that all we have worked hard for has ended up on the scrap-heap should be so terrifying that we, as people, wouldn't even want to contemplate the idea, let alone make entertainment out of it. This isn't the case. The word 'apocalypse'... Continue Reading →

Back in the 90’s

I moved over to the Master Race, or PC gaming as those who aren't in the know would call it, around 1994 and my first real computer (I grew up on a Spectrum 48k) was an Olivetti 486, I confess the model number has long fell into the trenches of my memory, but it opened up... Continue Reading →

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