PlayStation Remote Play iOS App

You know how it is, your favourite gaming company gives you the option to play your favorite console remotely, but then they discontinue their handheld you could use and you're left with nothing. You really want to do a few levels whilst the TV is occupied but you just can't... Until now. PlayStation is now... Continue Reading →

Why PS4’s Spider-Man is the Greatest Spidey Adaptation Ever

I know what you're saying already. Shut your mouth. And you would be entitled to, this is just an opinion piece, after all, but hear me out, guys, I'm not some newbie who's just jumped on the bandwagon for the fame, I was reading Spider-Man before he even set foot on the silver screen. When... Continue Reading →

Spice Mines of Kessel

EA has released the new content for Solo: A Star Wars Story for Battlefront II. The content, which is free to all owners of the game on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, takes the battle to the dreaded spice mines of the Outer Rim. The mines, first mentioned in The Empire Strikes Back, are a... Continue Reading →

Red Dead Redemption 2 Characters Revealed

Rockstar Games has taken to Twitter today to reveal the character roster for Red Dead Redemption 2. The game, due to launch on October 26th, and is the prequel to the award-winning Red Dead Redemption. Unsurprisingly, fan favourite and original protagonist of the first game, John Marston makes his triumphant return. Although this will be... Continue Reading →

Sony PS Plus Games September 2018

It's that time of year again when Sony announce their free titles for all subscribers to their PS Plus service, the online service that allows users to play online with compatible games. Normally, Sony gives away a pretty decent offering and this month is no exception. In the selection this month we have: Destiny 2... Continue Reading →

Star Wars Battlefront II Update

It looks like the folks over at EA have been hard at work with new content in Star Wars: Battlefront II. Like or loathe the game, there's no denying that it's caused some controversy and made headlines. However, in recent months the good people of DICE have worked their socks off trying to reverse that... Continue Reading →

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