The Sega Phoenix

The Console That Came Back I want to take you on a trip of the imagination, we don't really need anything special to go on this trip, just an open mind and the ability to imagine. The Sega Dreamcast. The last charge of a once-great gaming company. It's March 31, 2001, and shockwaves have been... Continue Reading →

The History of Sonic the Hedgehog Music

The name Masato Nakamura isn't the first name that would spring to mind when talking about a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog called Sonic. Nor is it a name that would be known by many outside of the hard-core gamer circles, but it is a name that's as important to the creation of Sonic the Hedgehog as... Continue Reading →

Blade Runner 1997

Late in the 20th Century, WARNER BROS advanced movies into the next phase -- a film with a unique title -- known as BLADE RUNNER. Blade Runner was a superior in cinematics, score, acting, and at least equal in storyline, to the book that inspired the film. Blade Runner was used as a landmark film,... Continue Reading →

Valkyria Chronicles to hit the Switch

Sega has announced that longtime favourite, Valkyria Chronicles will be coming to Nintendo Switch. The announcement, made at PAX West, stated that the port will be hitting the console on the 16th October this year, with a release in Europe and America happening at the same time. Japan gets the game a couple of weeks earlier on the... Continue Reading →

8bitdo Gamepad Review

There are a lot of peripherals that are coming to market designed for the Nintendo Switch, however, so far there is little in the way of any real competition for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. The official controller, designed much like an Xbox controller, has been with the console since day one, and it is... Continue Reading →

Ecco the Dolphin (1992)

  Introduction It’s 1992 and a bottlenose dolphin has just become one of the world’s best-known protagonists of a video game. Not one that has been anthropomorphised like a particular blue hedgehog, but one that lives happily in the ocean with the rest of his pod quietly going about their dolphin business. One that will... Continue Reading →

Why Gaming Needs a Boxing Game

They have been a staple of gaming since the medium first came into the home environment - boxing games! So much fun, and one of the few sports you can adapt into a zany and colourful kids game, to a beautiful and nuanced fight simulator, over the years we've seen more than our fair share... Continue Reading →

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