PlayStation Remote Play iOS App

You know how it is, your favourite gaming company gives you the option to play your favorite console remotely, but then they discontinue their handheld you could use and you're left with nothing. You really want to do a few levels whilst the TV is occupied but you just can't... Until now. PlayStation is now... Continue Reading →


PlayStation Classic Announced Sony has announced the launch of the PlayStation Classic. The console is set to launch on December 3rd at the retail price of £89.99 and will include twenty retro titles, amongst them Final Fantasy VII and Tekken 3, and Wild Arms. Sony said: 'The mini console is approximately 45% smaller than the original PlayStation,... Continue Reading →

Sony Kills Favourite Son

The PlayStation 2 is officially dead! The best-selling games console is no more, with Sony pulling the plug on the ability to send the console in for repair. Whilst it has been hanging onto dear life for eighteen years, Sony Japan notified customers that they had until August 31st to get the console sent in... Continue Reading →

Sony CEO Outrages Fans

Sony just can't seem to get it right, when it comes to cross-play with other consoles. Whilst Nintendo and Xbox, for the most part, seem happy to let their customers kiss and be friends, Sony has taken a strict 'You're not to play with those children approach'. It's true that certain titles like Street Fighter V allow... Continue Reading →

The Fathers of Video Games

The Immigrant In a municipality in the Palatinate Forest, a child was born that would shape the way we perceive entertainment forever. The place is Rodalben, with no more than a few thousand people that call it home, the town is deep in the heart of German wine country, the Wine Route, starting in France... Continue Reading →

Atari and Entering a Brave New World

Remember Atari? Remember when Atari used to make consoles? No? It was around the same time Sega were still in the hardware business. It was a simpler age. DLC was a dream of the future. Multiplayer gaming meant the guy or gal next to you on the couch, and a flatscreen TV... hahahaha. No chance.... Continue Reading →

Do We Need God of War 4?

The God of War games are a tale as old as the time period they take place in - it's a story about blood and revenge. An antihero as flawed as Kratos, the series' protagonist is, there is very little redemption that occurs throughout the entire saga. Kratos is a captain of the Spartan army,... Continue Reading →

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