Destiny 2: An Impression

The City has fallen and the Light of the Traveler has gone, Ghaul, commander of the feared Red Legion has sent the Guardians into the grave, with the remainder thrown to the wind, night has fallen. You, the only Guardian to be able to revive their Light, has been given the task to lead the... Continue Reading →


A Look Back: The Alien Franchise in Gaming

In 1979, film director Ridley Scott brought a vision to the cinema screen that would create an enduring legacy that is still going to this day - Alien. The film, written by Dan O'Bannon, would also launch the film career of its star, the unknown Sigourney Weaver, who played the protagonist Ellen Ripley, and would... Continue Reading →

Micro-transactions in the Single-player World

With the recent announcement from Monolith Studios that the upcoming Middle-earth: Shadow of War would feature micro-transactions for the single-player campaign, are we seeing the start of a forced trend? Undoubtedly such a decision has come from Warner Bros. rather than the developers themselves. Warner Bros. showed notorious greed and apathy towards a botched launch of... Continue Reading →

What I Want to see from Left 4 Dead 3

Left 4 Dead was an amazing game when it was released. Developed by Valve South and released on Steam, the game would go on to win numerous awards and critical praise for its depiction of a zombie apocalypse with four survivors fighting to reach a safe haven. The game was incredible. Mixing a first-person shooter... Continue Reading →

Why we Love Post-Apocalyptic Games…

There's something fascinating about the idea of after-civilisation has fallen, the very thought that all we have worked hard for has ended up on the scrap-heap should be so terrifying that we, as people, wouldn't even want to contemplate the idea, let alone make entertainment out of it. This isn't the case. The word 'apocalypse'... Continue Reading →

Atari and Entering a Brave New World

Remember Atari? Remember when Atari used to make consoles? No? It was around the same time Sega were still in the hardware business. It was a simpler age. DLC was a dream of the future. Multiplayer gaming meant the guy or gal next to you on the couch, and a flatscreen TV... hahahaha. No chance.... Continue Reading →

Why Gaming Needs a Boxing Game

They have been a staple of gaming since the medium first came into the home environment - boxing games! So much fun, and one of the few sports you can adapt into a zany and colourful kids game, to a beautiful and nuanced fight simulator, over the years we've seen more than our fair share... Continue Reading →

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